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Welcome to Revival Wallpaper & Furnishings online.  

Revival Wallpaper is all about the regeneration of pattern. We carefully select and import feature wallpaper designs that have been inspired from past decades and stylised for the modern-day interior critic. We believe your wall space should inspire creativity and promote energy as well as reflect a little piece of you! Our eclectic passion encourages pattern upon pattern and the splashing of a little color upon stark modern lines.

We are also busy handcrafting Papershades from our premium imported wallpaper designs. When using wallpaper pattern on a lampshade we create an art piece that can become the feature of an entire room. This is because the scale of the pattern on a wallpaper shade is much larger and bolder than that of a manufactured lampshade. Our lampshades are lined with fire retardant PVC and quality custom made materials.

The most recent exciting addition to our range is furnishings. We have been spending time visiting boutiques, wandering markets and reading magazines and blogs to find a unique range of soft furnishings.  We want to share our passion for beautiful interiors with our customers and we hope our unique online store will inspire you to surround yourself with things you love too!  Our website is constantly evolving and updating to what’s trending in current time, so please visit often as making a few simple changes to your decor furnishings can change a whole room!

Product quality is very important to us, as is providing exceptional customer service so sit back, relax and browse!  If you have something specific you are looking for, just send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you.

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